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Flourishing Into A Vibrant Little Girl

In 2008, our daughter Carli Grace Oliver was born full-term and healthy. Or so we thought. The day she was supposed to go home, she quit breathing and turned blue. A full-term, "healthy" baby should not do this. She was placed in the NICU, where they found a mass on her brain.  She was transferred to T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital for further testing. While in the NICU there, Dr. Boehm was on her case.  An MRI showed that her mass was an Arachnoid cyst. Statistically, these types of cysts do not grow, so they sent her home.

Carli had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Boehm when she was four months old. A new scan revealed that her cyst had grown massive in size and was compressing her brain, causing it to shift to one side. The cyst was so large that everyone was shocked she was not having major problems. She was shunted immediately, and so began her care at the Boehm Birth Defects Center.


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