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My name is Debra Holland, and for years the Walter E. Boehm Birth Defects Center has played a supportive and loving role in my life.  My daughter Jennifer was born with Spina Bifida and to an uncertain life expectancy 35 years ago.  Due to the help of the Boehm Birth Defects Center and the doctors that dedicate their time to her well-being, her life has been sustained, and she is an independent and active person in society.

Today, questions regarding her disability still arise, and we know we can still turn to the Boehm Center when we need direction with medical decisions or emotional support, and they are always there to do what they can to support us.

Even as our children grow to be independent adults, we know that we will have the support of the staff at the Boehm Center to support them and their families.

Through the years this Center has given parents:

  • SUPPORT when they feel alone in a world of uncertainty
  • DIRECTION when they need to make life-altering decisions or need help with information regarding their child's diagnosis
  • HOPE when there is none
  • UNDERSTANDING when they cry at their child's first steps in life, or when they just need someone to listen to your fears
  • LOVE and HUGS when you and your child needed it
  • CHARITY when finances are difficult for families of children with special needs

The Center offers a place to turn to when your life of expected joy turns into a life of unexpected tears.  Thank you for your caring support through the years, and may each person reading this donate to keep the Center open and active for the children and families that may pass through their doors in the future.

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