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34th Annual Little Angels Memorial Golf Tournament



Championship Flight

First Place with a 12 under par : Matt Hill & Jabo Moore

Second Place with a 7 under par : Mike Guess &  Robby Rich

Second Flight

First Place with a ­­­1 under par : Barbara Pearson & Simon Dufur

Second Place with an even par : Bubba Sells & Colston Magee  

Third Flight

First Place with a ­­76 over par : Paul Szigethy & Mark Szigethy

Second Place with a 77 over par : Warren Lembast & Jim Corbit


Fourth Flight

First Place with an 80 over par :  Frank Logan & Cory Glidden

  Second Place with a 83 over par : TW Grubb & Everett Meadows



Nearest to the Pin on Hole #3:               (AM) Jacob Moore              (PM) Tony Nicovie

  Longest StraightestDrive on Hole #15:   (AM) Dr. Chris Lewis         (PM) Nick Carden

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